The only step-by-step system proven to help you heal your heart so you feel safe to trust and love again - able to have the love-filled life you long for......

(even after soul-shattering heartbreak)

Discover how to unblock your path to the deep loving connection you desire in just four weeks.


“ Will I ever have real & lasting love? ”


Maybe you’re in a place in your life where you feel…


by a betrayal – how could he toss you aside like this, after all the years you dedicated to him? You thought everything was fine – good enough anyway. You’re not sure you’ll ever stop reeling.


and humiliated - how dare he? How could he do this to you. And what’s more, he blames


lonely, and deeply sad. Your self-confidence is shot, and you just want to hide away. You’re afraid you just might end up alone for the rest of your life.


in a whirlpool of toxic thoughts, with no idea how to climb out and move forward. You’ve lost sight of yourself in this mess of stress – and you’re anxious about what all this is doing to your family, as well as what your future holds.


by how you got to this place - you wanted to save your relationship but
there they are
- the signed divorce papers on your kitchen table. How on earth do you start over???


Your heart is wounded, your mind is tearing your self-esteem to bits, and you no longer recognize who you are. Crying is getting old …

You’re trying to figure out what to do next but the constant ping-pong of anxiety and overwhelm in your head is paralyzing – and draining every drop of the shining confidence you once had.

Just imagine how your life would change if you could finally…

  • Wake up joyful, hopeful, and clear about who you truly are and what you’d LOVE in your life – so at last you can get unstuck and start moving toward your greatest desires

  • Let go of all those painful, toxic and limiting beliefs – you are NOT flawed! – releasing you to feel lighter, younger and more peaceful in everything you do

  • Learn to trust again – and feel safe, open and empowered to create deeply connected, loving relationships in all areas of your life

  • Feel amazing in your own skin – confident and captivating, with the upgraded self-respect to go with your rediscovered sexy self (no more letting other people walk all over your dreams!)

  • Dust off the divine feminine essence you’ve been smothering for so long – and let your sensual magnetism attract more of what - and who - you desire

  • Truly love yourself, wholly and unconditionally – a shining diamond of joy who no longer seeks validation outside herself.

Is it hard to imagine getting from how you feel right now to a place like that?

I get it. It almost sounds too good to be true,

given what’s happened in your relationship…

Whether or not there was...

… a transgression in your relationship (like in mine)

… a deterioration in your relationship over time (also like mine)

… a moment you looked in the mirror and saw a woman you no longer recognized (ahem, me again)

…you’ve got crazy big emotions swirling around inside your body, like:

ANGER - you tried so hard to keep everything together and, in the process, gave up part of yourself - and oh how that stings.

SADNESS - your heart hurts so much & you grieve the life you thought you were going to have with the man you loved.

CONFUSION - you wonder how your relationship even got to this broken place... what did I do wrong?

How can I fix it?

SO many women I talk to feel shocked and confused to find their lives haven’t turned out as they expected – even if they’ve been super-successful in their career.

I’m here to tell you → it’s NOT your fault, Lovely.

You are enough.

You are lovable.

You are desirable.

I know you don’t feel that way right now but soon enough, when you’re lighting up a packed restaurant, feeling all eyes on your beautiful, irresistible self as you catwalk over to the adoring face awaiting you...

And your diamond essence is sparkling like never before…

You’ll almost be grateful for your relationship challenges and/or dissolution because you’re more joyful than you ever thought possible.

But how do you get from here (broken) to there (sparkling)?


Learning to heal your heart

and reclaim your feminine magnificence

is now more fun and rewarding than ever (yes, I said fun !)

I’m sure you’ve read enough self-help books and talked with enough counselors to know that moving out of heartache and into joyful confidence can’t happen without your active commitment. But talking isn’t enough.

With the step-by-step Heal Your Heart program I’m about to share, you’ll have the power to get rapid, lasting results with more fun and support than you ever imagined possible – no matter
how deeply wounded or alone you feel right now.

Do you kinda wish someone could just wave a magic wand over you and make everything better, right

Hey lovely! Sherri Nickols here --

And I’ve got a magic wand! Well, more like a Magic Transformation Tool. And while I can’t make all the pain go away right now

, I can help get you to that place. I’m an award-winning

author, international speaker and women's empowerment and transformation coach

And when I’m not shaking it up on the dance floor with my girlfriends (who can resist a bit of Justin Timberlake?) or traveling to far-flung places like Egypt to wander the pyramids or soak up every adventure I can find (

there’s definitely a bit of Indiana Jones in me).

LOVE helping spiritual women in troubled relationships reconnect with their True beautiful-sparkling Self and connect with their Diamond Power– so they can heal the heartache that has them stuck, and be empowered to love wholly, to love fearlessly, to love with total freedom of self-expression.

Because it’s incredibly rewarding to see women uncover harmful patterns, clear them away, and achieve results WAY BEYOND what they thought possible.

AND because I was one of these women.
Just like you.

My husband was leading a double life with another woman

I totally get it. I’ve been in your heels. I was 13 years into what I thought was a devoted relationship … when I discovered

my husband was living a double life with a woman in another state.

Who knew I had enough tears to fill the Pacific (probably the Atlantic too).

Who knew my heart could endure such pain and still go on beating (I’m some kind of medical miracle). Who knew that in trying to fix everything,

I would lose it all –most significantly myself.

I was so stunned, scared and confused I often just stood, frozen, staring into space. That is, until the uncontrollable shaking took over.

What was wrong with me … why wasn't I enough?

There was a lot of shame too – beating myself up, and wondering

why wasn’t I enough for him… ? What was wrong with me … ? What was I missing?

Plus I felt so darn stupid–

How could I have not seen this coming?

I remember this one night in particular – I’d gone through a whole box of Kleenex crying. I went into the bathroom and when I looked in the mirror I thought – how did I get here? I didn’t even recognize myself, I thought …

what happened to ME?

The truth was I’d been unhappy for a loooong while. But I’d not been honest with myself – I’d been covering up the obvious with a big smiley mask of ‘everything is great!’ (

You know the one, right?) Over the years, I had completely lost myself.

Of course, I blamed my ex. UTTERLY.

But after a few months of pity parties, I was able to take a nanosecond break from brooding over his betrayal … and guess what. A surprising sliver of enlightenment slipped in

I started to understand my part in this whole mess

I started to see my own dirty laundry, to understand my part in this whole mess. And it was NOT pretty.

Rather than setting boundaries, standing in my truth, honoring my divine femininity, and being honest about my feelings when my needs were repeatedly not met ...

I had blindly steamrollered over every one of those glaring red flags.

Why? Because it just seemed too messy to deal with the truth.

I’d chosen to pretend my life was everything I wanted it to be. In fact, I was dying a slow death.

“OK Sherri,”

I thought, “you can sink or swim ...”

I chose to swim.

And SO, I began a journey to
heal my heart.

I invested over $250,000 in transformation trainings that gave me the knowledge and tools to get clear on what I would really LOVE in my life ...I learned how to let go of old, self-sabotaging ways of thinking and rewire my brain with supportive beliefs that were aligned with my dreams …

I turned my life around.

Suddenly, all these amazing opportunities started to pop up, exciting doors opened – and I had the courage to say YES!

I’m talking bucket list dreams like hiking to the top of Machu Picchu in Peru, serving as a transformational leader in Africa – and building a thriving business doing what I absolutely LOVE ...

Today, I’m still doing what I love – coaching spiritual women to increase their confidence, get unstuck, heal their hearts, and free themselves of toxic thoughts so they can welcome in the sustaining, joyful love and life they long for.

I had a vision!

And I KNOW this is my true purpose– because I had a vision!

Honestly, I really did! I was meditating about my work with women, and I saw a

beautiful, unique DIAMOND

at the core of every one of them.

This perfect gem is a power source of all Love and will give you the strength and support to get through any circumstance.

Over time, your diamond power might feel disconnected because it gets buried in the grime of distrust and disappointment – mine sure did – but it’s always there!

That’s when I understood that my true purpose is to help women like you cut through the grime, and

rediscover your Diamond Power...

...So you can reconnect with your sparkling Self and know that you are loved 24/7. Let’s heal your heart to live the fullest life possible.

They say women love diamonds. I say women ARE diamonds.




If you’re exhausted by the frenzy of destructive thoughts filling your mind each morning before you even open your eyes…

If you’re tired of feeling worthless, invisible, unlovable – and letting others trample over the dreams you once had…

If you’ve read dozens of books or spent hours in counseling, but know you need something else to get fast, long-lasting change…

I’m here to help you…

Now is your time to get EXCITED about life again, heal your heart and find the love-filled, joyful relationships you want...

  • GET CLEAR on the life you would love and who you are in that life

  • RECONNECT with your feminine sensuality and passions

  • EMPOWER you with the confidence and tools to overcome your heartache and start living a life that makes you feel happy and ALIVE again

No more muddy confusion. No more feeling that you’re stuck living the wrong life. No more spiraling sadness, loneliness, anger.

No more blindly hoping things will work themselves out.

You can choose to leave all that heartache behind TODAY.
So, if you’re still with me (and I know you are!) – I’m just thrilled to tell you all about my absolute favorite, highly popular, fully up-to-date signature program …


Heal Your Heart

The only step-by-step system guaranteed to dissolve subconscious blocks and reboot your divine feminine essence

-In Just 4 Weeks!

… because when you sparkle with joy and confidence, the love-filled life you long for is gonna sashay right in!

Heal Your Heart is a proven system empowering spiritual women in troubled relationships to get past the agony of a broken heart, to reignite their playful, feminine selves and to love again – more deeply and joyfully than ever before.

Of course, getting the results you desire on the outside can only happen when you first go within. And that’s just what I help you do inside this program.

I’ll give you everything you need to go from feeling sad, stuck and shaky as heck – to sparkling with confidence, healing your heart and overflowing with joy.

And what makes Heal Your Heart so unique? What’s the Secret Sauce?

Well, if you promise to keep it under your hat …

here’s the Secret Sauce ...!

My Magic Tool of Transformation ™ means you’ll almost instantly be able to …

  • heal your shattered heart

  • unhook from triggered reactions

  • change your sabotaging beliefs into new supportive beliefs at a subconscious level.

This is super-powerful because the truth is –
having insights alone almost NEVER results in lasting change.

And you know what?

It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or how deeply wounded or alone you feel right now

It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing gut-twisting anxiety, or feeling so deeply depressed

You’ll NEVER turn things around

It doesn’t matter if your relationship ended 5 minutes ago, 5 years ago, or you’re still hanging in there

Heal Your Heart works for every woman like you willing to invest in herself, work on herself, and trust in this tried-and-tested process.

Join me inside

and let’s get sparkling!

Heal Your Heart Program Includes...

Achieve your “I never knew I could feel so good again” happy and love-filled life following a series of proven steps — baby-step-by-baby-step — designed to help you move forward and into a joyful life.

Access EVERYTHING you need to Heal Your Heartache and embody your Diamond Power including weekly content rich video’s, weekly healing tools, weekly meditations and weekly reflective worksheets.

Enjoy lasting change and empowerment through my Magic Tool of Transformation - insights alone seldom result in lasting change and I want more for you than that!

With Heal Your Heart you'll start your journey to feel confident, FEEL beautiful, and...Sparkling

(of course!)

Ready to go from feeling sad, angry and scared to

confident, joyful and empowered?

Let's dust off that diamond inside of you just waiting to shimmer and shine!

WEEK 1: Clarity – Designing a life you love

This is where you become crystal-sparkle-clear about who you want to become – and design a detailed vision for the life you would love to lead.
Think of this as your passion plan for a sparkling life!

By the time our first week comes to a close, you’ll feel your heart opening up that space to create the bond you desire with another – whether it be your partner, a friend, a parent or a child.

In Week 1, you will:

  • Reawaken past dreams and design new ones, and improve your self-image to move you through your heartache so you can live in harmony with what you truly desire

  • Discover the 7 step DIAMOND System to guide you in manifesting what you want and ignite your passion so that you can feel your joy deep down in your soul

  • Connect to your gifts, talents and uniqueness – because when you’re feeling joyful and alive, you send out a magnetic attraction that flows into the world and brings back what you want into physical reality

  • Learn how to magnetize what you desire so you can close the gap from where you are now to where you want to be – our thoughts are a powerful magnet – and all too often, our thoughts sabotage us – no more!

  • Cleanse your soul of stuck, negative, fearful energy and open your heart to love with specially selected sound frequencies. You’ll go from weighed down, sad and stagnant to lighter, happier & energetic

When you really love somebody there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them. And that somebody will be you – it may feel uncomfortable, unbelievable or downright icky at the moment to say, “I love myself” – and that means you need this week even more, my sweet sister. We all deserve to know and feel in our bones we are worthy of love. Because we are. YOU are.

WEEK 2: Carat – Knowing Fully Who You Really Are

This week is about fully connecting with your Diamond Power. Understanding that you are deeply loved and what it means to love, honor and respect yourself. It’s about helping you deepen your self-love at a cellular level. Connecting to this Love is key to creating the emotional intimacy you want with others. And another plus? Never again will you need external validation to fill yourself – you’ll be the only one you need for that.

In Week 2, you will:

  • Learn a powerful process to release hurtful feelings - freeing you from painful memories so that you can start to create new loving experiences

  • Connect with your core Diamond Power so you can stay in the center of peace and calm confidence – and when you’re in that place, your fears of being alone, or unlovable, or unworthy, will dissolve (what a relief, right?!)

  • Understand the Truth of who you are so you never need to look outside of yourself for love and validation again – you’ll live your life in flow for an expansive, juicy life – and from a place of empowerment

  • Further solidify your self-love, appreciation and connectedness so that you can send your healing blessings and sparkling love out into the world and receive it back

  • Identify and let go of labels that keep you stuck and take you further away from your authentic True Self

It’s time for you to be in a space of enjoyment and allow yourself to have a good time. You want to be able to laugh and have fun! Wake up feeling vibrantly alive and excited about your day. Your Diamond Power is up and running – you might wanna warn those around you to grab their sunglasses because woman, when you show up → brilliance!

WEEK 3: Cut – Cut away limiting beliefs

This is the week the Magic Transformation Tool is unveiled - one of the key reasons this program helps you make lasting change, unlike other programs. This week you’ll look at beliefs that don’t serve you and create new beliefs that increase your confidence, self-esteem and happiness – all while supporting your passion plan from Week 1.

In Week 3, you will:

  • Identify and cut away specific beliefs that block you from receiving and giving love, helping you spiral up and into the woman you want to be

  • Learn how to choose thoughts that are in harmony with your dreams, intentions and goals so you can make decisions from a place of empowerment and self-love

  • Unhook from anxious, stressful, fearful thoughts - doing this will be a piece ‘a chocolate-frosted cake

  • Turn up the dial on your Diamond Power so you can get back on track with more ease when challenges arise – you’ll also find that what used to trigger you, no longer does

  • Create and instill new beliefs on a subconscious level – so the new beliefs take hold for good (it’s super fun – I promise – I might wear my newest party dress to the call!)

Once you show up in life from a place of self-love and empowerment, you’ll bring forth your beautiful glowing magnificent self – and how alluring is that?! You may desire & have romantic love, but you won’t need it to feel whole and happy.

WEEK 4: Color – Feel and radiate your BEST Self

This week is all about awakening your feminine essence and creating joy 24/7. Now you’re ready to start living as your most vibrant Self. Together we’ll design the most colorful, magnetic, irresistible version of YOU so you can wrap your arms around a fun-filled, loving life.

I’ll also introduce you to the Leading Lady in your life ( ← that’s you).

In Week 4, you will:

  • Discover how to create joy and what to do daily to stay connected to it

  • Awaken your feminine/sensual Self and connect to your playfulness (even though I had a wardrobe stuffed with dresses and a closet full of stilettos, I was putting out a LOT of masculine energy!)

  • Learn 4 powerful words that shift frustration and negativity instantly resulting in dramatically improved relationships

  • Increase your confidence as a woman so you can attract into your life what you desire – with more ease than ever before – let go of those labels and outward identities you’ve wrapped yourself in for so long

Get ready to embrace the leading lady of your story and feel your charisma just glowing and flowing out of you. Step into your power and radiate that oh-so-happy, confident woman who loves herself!

Heal Your Heart takes you from

This isn’t the life I thought I was going to have to

Wow! I love my life!


I’m also including a bundle of brilliance-boosting BONUSES

Bonus #1: 2 Free Tickets to My Annual Live Sparkle Workshop

You’ll receive a free ticket to my Live Sparkle Workshop that’s held at a beautiful hotel in the Los Angeles area. You, me, and our Sparkle Sisters will be together for a deep dive to increase your love and happiness. This is off-the-charts transformative AND you’ll get an extra ticket to bring a friend (woohoo!)…value $997

Bonus #2: “Sexy and Sparkling After 40” ebook by Sherri Nickols

  • Connect with your feminine power

  • Increase confidence

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Awaken sensuality

  • Boost sex appeal

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and patterns

  • Communicate from the heart

  • Flirt with life

  • Reclaim your playful, sexy spirit

  • Balance your energy

  • Create fun, romantic adventures

Bonus #3: Summit Interviews - Dr. John Gray and Matt Bogs

Inspiring and informative interviews with the iconic Dr. John Gray and the King of Love, Matt Boggs. Both give practical tools you can put into practice immediately to improve your love life. These men are highly engaging and entertaining. You will loooove these conversations!...value $297

SAY “ Yes! ” TO


Limited Time!


ONLY $249

Reclaim your Diamond Power –

open your heart to loving relationships

and a joy-filled life.

This 4-week program includes:

  • 4 weekly video trainings, weekly reflective worksheets : VALUE $697.00

  • 4 Guided Meditations: VALUE $397.00

  • 4 Guided Heal Your Heart Healing Tools: VALUE $397.00

  • 1 LIVE Q & A call with Sherri
    to ask any and all of your questions PLUS an opportunity to get laser coaching: VALUE $500

  • Bonus #1 Tickets (2) to Live Sparkle Workshop: VALUE $1,994

  • Bonus #2 Sexy and Sparkling After 40 eBook: VALUE $3.99

  • Bonus #3 Summit Interviews with Dr. John Gray and Mat Bogs: VALUE $297

TOTAL VALUE: $4,285.99


Your investment: $249

Sparkle Sisters

describe their experience in the program in their own words...

Through Sherri’s program I gained inner confidence. I found my feminine essence. I met amazing women and found a powerful, loving new direction in my life. Since the Sparkle program I have traveled all over the US. I’ve met wonderful people from all over the world. Most importantly, I met a new and wonderful person who spent most of her life afraid of dying, since she lost her brother at the age of 12. I found me: a shining diamond full of joy. I no longer live in fear of dying. I now live in a state of gratitude. Grateful for each and everyday of my life and all the blessings that come my way.

~ Michelle, Sparkle Sister

Sherri helped me uncover several subconscious beliefs that were running my life in the direction that was keeping me stuck. Sherri helped me reprogram these blocks in a powerful and deep way. Since working with Sherri, my income jumped and I was offered some incredible career opportunities, I’m also now in a relationship with a great, loving, supportive and stable man, for the first ever time. We are also expecting our first child together! Reflecting on the shifts that have happened, life is immensely different!

~ Nancy, Sparkle Sister

Getting my thinking on a different level has been huge. Really getting in touch with my own feelings, my own vibrations, figuring out who I am ... Sherri gives you the tools and that inspiration that you can move forward and you can do anything you want to do!

~ Mary, Sparkle Sister

I immediately was drawn to Sherri after our initial consultation. She made me a recording that allowed me to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
Her recording saved my life. I listened to it every single night until I was strong enough to stand on my own. I had gone months without sleep. I was starting to feel human again and I had hope. I saw the change in myself and my children within weeks of starting the program.

~ Amanda, Sparkle Sister

Sherri's beautiful energy, structure of her program, her personal attention to her clients made all the difference for me coming out of my of my shell to treasure and adore my beautiful living self...

~ Jane, Sparkle Sister

I was in a marriage fitness program for two years, I went to counseling, I tried various internet programs. The marriage fitness program showed me how to show up as a better wife. Sherri taught me how to show up as my best self.

~ Kim, Sparkle Sister

I didn’t realize I could or should seek life coaching. I thought my life was everything I wanted – not perfect but I had a husband, kids, career I loved, a home, retirement plan ... then it all crumbled. Sherri and her program really opened my eyes to see things from a new perspective. To understand that situations happen that are not in our control, but we can control the thoughts and feelings surrounding it, which can impact our actions and ultimately our results.

~ Patti, Sparkle Sister

Still undecided?

That's okay!

It can be hard to know if it’s the right time to invest in yourself like this – or maybe you don’t even feel like you deserve to (← Sparkle Sisters everywhere are sending you a hug and saying Yes, honey, you ARE deserving).

To help you get clear, here are some questions your fellow Sparkle Sisters asked before saying
“YES, I’m ready for the love-filled life I deserve!”

So what could YOU accomplish with Heal Your Heart at your side?

How does living a happy, whole & ALIVE life sound?

For you maybe that means...

  • Radiating love & self-confidence & magnetically attracting the loving relationships you dream of

  • Loving who you are & finding immense fulfillment regardless of your relationship status

  • Leaving behind the painful feelings & moving forward with a healed heart – ready to embrace life again

  • You’re excited to try my proven Magic Tool of Transformation. You’re feeling a rush of fresh optimism, knowing that within hours you can be plugging into a proven, reliable, success system, on your way to healing your heart and reconnecting with your own true feminine confidence.

What you can have in your life with Heal Your Heart is only limited by what you can dream...

So where do YOU want to be 4 weeks from today?

Still feeling isolated, lonely, sad and resentful from rejection and a failed partnership?

Alternating between self-blame and self-pity, with a huge helping of low self-esteem?

No closer to figuring out how to go forward in love and life?

HECK NO – not on my watch!

You can choose to join Heal Your Heart so you can realize your bright future with the loving connections you desire.

You can choose to work through your limiting beliefs and blocks to love so you can attract the partner you want (and deserve to have).

You can choose to develop self-love & step into your Divine Feminine Essence for a joyful life.

So, where do you want to be in 4 weeks?

That’s the only real question you need to answer right now.

Seize this opportunity available to you…take that first step.

And when you do, I’ll be waiting for you inside and so will your future Sparkling Self —

I want you to wake up excited about your life – with clear thoughts, happiness, and a radiant positivity. I want you to heal & feel immense self-love, just like all your Sparkle Sisters before you. I’ll be with you every step of the way...

Sparkling Love,


Heal Your Heart TODAY

Reclaim your Diamond Power –

bring back your moxie and open to Love

and a joy-filled life.

This 4-week program includes:

  • 4 weekly video trainings, weekly reflective worksheets : VALUE $697.00

  • 4 Guided Meditations: VALUE $397.00

  • 4 Guided Heal Your Heart Healing Tools: VALUE $397.00

  • 1 LIVE Q & A call with Sherri to ask any and all of your questions PLUS an opportunity to get laser coaching: VALUE $500

  • Bonus #1 Tickets (2) to Live Sparkle Workshop: VALUE $1,994

  • Bonus #2 Sexy and Sparkling After 40 eBook: VALUE $3.99

  • Bonus #3 Summit Interviews with Dr. John Gray and Mat Bogs: VALUE $297

TOTAL VALUE: $4,285.99


Today's Price = $249